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Wednesday 24 July, 2024

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General Conditions of Sale General Conditions of Sale

General conditions of sale

The supplier :
EASI FRANCE - chef-japonais.com
221D Route du bouleau – 69126 BRINDAS - FRANCE
Website :www.chef-japonais.com
E-mail : richard@chef-japonais.com
Business and Company Registration Number : 508 467 248 RCS Lyon
N° SIRET : 508 467 248 00011
European  Registration Number: FR 5040988993800034

Basic description of the articles and services offered for sale:
Articles of cutlery, all sort of knives (folding and not folding) , chased metal, canteens, table settings, materials and individual parts for cutlery, other articles appending to cutlery.
PLEASE NOTE:  The articles presented on our Website have been selected with care to give you a precise picture of what we are able to provide.  Nevertheless, the photographs do not constitute a contractual obligation.  Because we use natural source materials, it is not possible to guarantee, for example, the exact color of the wood or horn.  Your piece of cutlery will be as close to the same shade as shown in the photograph.  Also, our pocket knives are handcrafted.  Therefore, it is not possible to replicate the ornamentation exactly as depicted in the photograph

General Delivery Times :
Cutlery and Canteens of cutlery : from 48hours (open days) for orders on the Express delivery 48h page to 5 weeks

Methods of transportation and insurance:
Goods are shipped at the customer's risk. 

Return policy :
Goods must be returned within 7 days from the date of delivery.  We will reimburse you (except shipping and handling) as long as the product is in perfect condition, in its original packaging and without having been used.  THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO PERSONALIZED CUTLERY (engraved products or special orders)
We do not accept C.O.D. parcels or parcels where a customs charge is asked.  It is your  responsibility to return all packages at your expenses. We do, however, suggest you insure your parcel on a side, send it back as a parcel of no value in order to avoid additional customs charges.

Guarantees :
Table Cutlery and table canteens: 2 years
Hand-made pocket knives :
The quality of the knives sold on the web site is exceptional, that is why we give you a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee against all faults or defects. However, this guarantee does not include damage incurred through normal usage. For example, a knife should only be used for cutting: using it as a corkscrew, chisel or screwdriver is considered abnormal usage.
The guarantee is in place as soon as the article leaves the workshop: subsequent carriage costs and risks are therefore the responsibility of the customer.
We only give the guarantee for the products bought onto chef-japonais.com
We don't give any guarantee for a product bought elsewhere.

Terms of these Conditions of Sale:
In case of litigation, the only authorized court is Lyon-France.  As a French company, EASI FRANCE recognizes exclusively French law, language and arbitration.


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